What's Next? How to Prepare for a New Job

Jobs in Every State

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Where Are The Jobs?

Jobs can be found in every state. Of course, to find a specific type of job, you may need to commute or relocate to a new area.

Common Jobs Types

Services Manufacturing
Teacher Office Personnel
Tech Support Warehouse
Maintenance Executive
Repairs Machine Operator
Counselor Salesperson
Medical Purchaser
Construction Accountant

Before You Apply for a Job

Finding a new job is both mentally and physically taxing. It requires energy to chase leads and complete job applications, and you do not want to become burned out before you get hired. You can save energy and be more successful in the long run by making a few preparations at the outset of your job search. Keep reading for some ideas on how to set yourself up for success.

❖ Review Your Resumé

Before you do anything else, review and update your resume to reflect your current level of experience. While you might be tempted to make it generic enough to send with any job application, you will ultimately be a more memorable candidate if you tailor your resume for each new position. You should also have a trusted friend proofread it for you to make sure it does not contain any errors.

❖ Get Your Certifications

If the jobs you want require specific types of training, then now is the time to make sure you are up-to-date in that particular field. Some certifications, such as CPR training, are broadly applicable and can often be obtained for free. Other types of job training, such as welding certification or Montessori teacher training, are field-specific and may require more time and effort to acquire.

❖ Do Your Research

Throughout your job hunt, conduct research about the history and current state of your field. This will help you prepare for interviews, and it will also help guide your job search. As you learn more about your line of work, you will gain a clearer picture of how you might fit in to it. Subscribe to industry newsletters and journals to ensure that you obtain accurate and nuanced information.

❖ Rehearse the Interview

No one wants to land a job interview only to be stumped by an easy question. Compile a list of standard interview questions and practice your responses out loud in front of a mirror. Rehearsing your answers ahead of time will give you the confidence you need to perform well when you have a real interview. When it comes to securing your future, a little preparation goes a long way.